The campaign categories are open to work that is local to one country or region, or work that crosses international borders. 

The entries into campaign categories should be the very best work of your organization, agency, company, or brand. They may already be award winners in regional competitions. What sets these campaigns apart from other work is their level of ambition and measurable achievement, and in particular the level of creativity demonstrated. 



Honours pharmaceutical or healthcare initiatives.


Employee communications

Awarding a great internal communications campaign.


Public Sector

Honouring cross-national work in the public sector, standalone or in partnership with corporations, government agencies, or NGOs.


Corporate social responsibility

Recognizes a CSR programme that demonstrates the organization’s tangible commitment to delivering on ethical, environmental, or social justice commitments.


Issues and crisis

The winning entry will demonstrate effective management of a significant issue or crisis, internal or external.


Consumer launch

Honouring the launch of a consumer product or service.


Product brand development

Recognizing outstanding success in development, reinvigoration or re-launch of an established consumer brand.



Most effective work on an international non-profit programme, designed to raise money, or to influence public or political opinion.


Corporate branding

Honours new company launches or corporate rebranding initiatives.


Best influencer marketing campaign

This category will award the most effective, innovative and creative campaign that uses one or more social media influencers to achieve its aims. The idea must be PR-led, although we will not exclude entries that involve payment or other incentives to influencers; however, please detail these in your entry. 

For this award, we define a social media influencer as an individual or group that has become influential off the back of their own social media platforms. It excludes anyone with pre-existing fame (e.g. actors, sports people, reality tv stars).


Global PR breakthrough

Transformative work that crosses national borders, across all types of media and information channels.

This award is open to any type of campaign, across verticals that brought a company or organization to a new level of engagement or understanding among key stakeholders.


Global partnership

Recognizing a combined effort between an international corporation and a public sector entity, to deliver a tangible benefit to a designated community.


Global event activation

Celebrates campaigns that successfully align and maximize sponsorship of global events such as international sporting, political, NGO or technology events. Events may include, but are not limited to, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, Cannes, CES, SXSW, World Economic Forum/Davos, and more.


Global creative idea

Celebrates a game-changing creative idea that takes a brand, company or organization in a new, exciting direction and delivers results that exceed expectations. The creative idea may have significant regional variations, but will be based on a fundamental creative idea that is clear and demonstrable. The winning work must be deployed in two or more regions to qualify.


Global integration

PR strategy leads the way for the winning campaign that takes this award, which honours work that crosses marketing channels and disciplines. Submitted work must be deployed in two or more regions to qualify.


Global content

Recognizes the best use of strategic and creative content that drives business and brand objectives across multiple markets. The winning work must be deployed in two or more regions to qualify.


Global impact

  • Participation and leadership in organizations that advance the PR profession on an international scale
  • Commitment to community-based organizations that focus on issues of importance to the regions where the company serves
  • Demonstrable professional achievements, advancing the business or organization’s objectives in specific ways
  • Third-party endorsements of the quality of work, leadership, and commitment to the community


Global citizenship

Honours a local or regional campaign that jumps across borders to create awareness, engagement, and results beyond the scope of the original target market. Winning campaigns must demonstrate multi-regional metrics that were not driven by paid-for media outside the core region.


Global agency

(three or more continents)

The agency that wins this award will demonstrate great business results as well as talent  development,  community leadership, innovation and outstanding customer relationships across at least three different continents.


International agency

(two or more countries)

Celebrating agencies that demonstrate great business results as well as talent development, community leadership, innovation and outstanding customer relationships across at least two different countries.

Revenue limit of $100m per annum.


Global in-house team

(three or more continents)

Recognising in-house teams that have demonstrated excellence in navigating cross-border or cross-regional issues and opportunities with innovation and strategic skill across at least three different continents.


Global brand

(three or more continents)

Honouring a brand that crosses international borders, which has grown significantly using the power of PR to reach stakeholders and build trusted relationships with its customers and publics in at least three different continents.


Campaign of the year

(not open for entry)

The best campaign from among all of the winners.


Global professional - In-house

Celebrating the work of a PR professional whose innovation and leadership is advancing the public relations profession.

Judges will be looking for professional qualities including:

  • Effective team leadership internally, including development of staff


Global professional - Agency

Celebrating the work of a PR professional whose innovation and leadership is advancing the public relations profession.

Judges will be looking for professional qualities including:

  • Effective team leadership internally, including development of staff


Global marketer

Open to SVPs of marketing and above, including CMOs. Individuals may be nominated by their colleagues, agencies, or peers. The winning individual should play a big role in integrating communications into global brand and marketing strategy.

Note: We encourage agency professionals to suggest/nominate leaders from the in-house side for this award.


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