Aaron Sherinian

United Nations Foundation


Aaron Sherinian has dedicated his life to creating a more aware and compassionate future for all. With on-going responsibility to heighten the United Nations Foundation’s work to foster a more peaceful, prosperous and just world, his work throughout 2015 included: spearheading the UN’s push for a legally binding and universal agreement on climate made at the Paris Climate conference COP21; supporting the roll out of its Sustainable Development Goals; and conceiving the 2015 Communications Corps – a unique gathering of the world’s top (and rival) PR agencies to raise awareness pro bono for the UN’s Post-2105 Development Agenda. Before joining the United Nations Foundation, Aaron was managing director of public affairs for US government development assistance agency Millennium Challenge Corporation. He also spent a decade as a foreign service officer for the US Department of State. “Watching networks of networks come together around the most critical issues of our time makes me proud to be part of this profession,” he says. “The PR industry is not about spinning a story – it is about scaling possibilities.

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