Great Chinese Names for Great Britain

VisitBritain / Ogilvy PR Beijing


VisitBritain wanted to present Britain as a welcoming destination for Chinese visitors and stand out against messages by competing tourist nations. The solution was to earn interest through engaging content by inviting Chinese people to plant the Chinese flag and re-name places - just as British explorers did for centuries as they circumnavigated the world. VisitBritain extended an invite to the people of China to name its places, people, events and icons in Chinese. The idea was that the government would recognize the names, Google Maps would include them, and travel guides would be changed forever. Six variations of a launch film detailed how to coin names. British points of interest were listed on a campaign web site. Places could also be named by visiting an attraction and uploading the visitor’s name and photo to social media. More than 13,000 names were submitted, such as Strong Men’s Skirt Party (the Highland Games) and Street of the Tall, Rich and Handsome (Saville Row. Over the months that followed, Chinese visits to Britain rose 20% year on year.

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