So Much More

Johnson's / Allidura Consumer


Johnson’s pioneered baby skincare. But in recent years, the number one baby skin care brand has faced new competition from emerging brands appealing to mothers using ‘all natural’ claims. Though revered for its mild, safe products, Johnson’s needed to remind the world why it is a true leader. It set out to redefine the baby care category – shifting the conversation from baby skin care to happy, healthy baby development. The idea was to convey the benefits of multisensorial experiences and demonstrate how everyday rituals allow parents to nurture a baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow. The campaign began by highlighting bath time as being about more than ‘just’ cleaning as it is a ritual that can unlock the power of a baby’s senses. Johnson’s ‘So Much More’ campaign included events in 20 markets across four regions involving 50+ experts attended by 500 journalists. Parents in seven countries were surveyed and a Global Bath Time Report produced. With every aspect of the campaign grounded in science, positive growth was achieved in key markets. 

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