#LikeAGirl - Unstoppable

Always, Proctor & Gamble / MSLGroup


Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign set out to address the drop in confidence more than half of girls experience during puberty. The first #LikeAGirl social experiment video was a huge success, generating almost 100m views. The challenge was how to build on this. Always set out to emphasise actions behind its call for change. Based on insight from MSL Group, it evolved a new social experiment showing the way girls feel boxed in by societal expectations. Award-winning director Lauren Greenfield again captured girls’ responses on a film. This became the focal point of a new campaign supported by a Global Confidence Summit created to enable Always to reach parents in a meaningful way. A new Confidence Teaching Curriculum was also designed to address pubescent girls’ mind-set about their attributes and confidence and expand Always’ puberty education curriculum for schools. With campaign ambassador Maisie Williams and partnerships with Google/You Tube and TED, the new programme was a success and the film had doubled the impressions the first film generated within the first 48 hours of each films’ launch.

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