Millicom 25

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Most employees working for NASDAQ-listed public mobile and digital services company Millicom knew and felt little connection with the business but a lot about the Tigo brands which the group owns and operates across 14 markets. As it approached its 25th anniversary, Millicom wanted a birthday celebration that would unite employees around a new sense of family and a common sense of shared purpose: to help people in frontier African and Latin American markets adopt a digital lifestyle. The key was to engage and involve employees through accessible activities supported by locallyrelevant and shareable content. The hope was that this would help encourage employees to stay with the company longer. At the campaign’s heart was an Olympic-style digital torch passed between employees around the Millicom world. Millicom 25 branding and a downloadable torch app were created. Trailers were made and a microsite launched to host user generated content. An anniversary film was shot and shared at birthday parties in each local office worldwide. As a result, thousands of employees were united and inspired. 

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