Nigeria's New Leaders - Buhari and the APC

APC & Government of Nigeria / BTP Advisers


The All Progressive Congress (APC) was a new political coalition aiming to win power at the Nigerian General Election in 2015. Its goals were ambitious: to introduce their candidate, party and anti-corruption agenda to Nigerians and the world; to win – something an opposition party had not done in the country’s history since independence; and to govern as they pledged. With Boko Haram terrorising communities, corruption unprecedented, electoral fraud expected and the economy under pressure from falling global oil prices, it was Nigeria’s make or break election. BTP’s support in the APC’s subsequent election victory included installing an international press office in London to act as conduit for the APC and its candidate Muhammadu Buhari; implementing an international media campaign; gaining publication of a story in the Financial Times that helped pre-empt fraud; proactively co-ordinating interviews and briefings with international decision-makers and then – post-election – selling the new Government to the international community. Since then, work has continued on positioning President Buhari as a global leader and introducing the New Nigeria.

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