Selfie- nomics

MasterCard / Ketchum


MasterCard wanted to makeover online shopping by demonstrating the value of biometrics. Passwords are a pain to remember and a chore to enter on screen, especially mobiles. To improve the experience of shopping online, new technologies are being tested. But many of these alternative solutions are in their infancy and many consumers, merchants and issuers are unconvinced about the ease and safety of thumb print and facial recognition technology. MasterCard’s solution was to link the technology to a trend everyone understands: the selfie. By developing the world’s first Selfie Pay app, it framed biometric technology in a warmer, more familiar context. A teaser sparked widespread interest. Press were invited to a surprise launch in Amsterdam and this event triggered a global conversation. Following a pilot in the US enabling participants to use their smartphone app to make payments authenticated by facial recognition or fingerprint biometrics, MasterCard is now rolling out its Selfie Pay app commercially – first in the US and parts of Europe, with a global rollout scheduled for 2017. 

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