The Facts About Fasting During Ramadan

MSD / GCI Health


Worldwide, 50m Muslims with diabetes choose to fast during Ramadan despite contrary medical and religious guidelines. MSD’s ‘The Facts About Fasting During Ramadan’ was the first ever global campaign by a pharmaceutical company to help this huge patient population when launched in 2011. The campaign has evolved significantly since and in 2015 was delivered via new high impact content and expanded across new channels. Ongoing campaign evaluation identified the need for patient-facing materials to ensure greater cross-cultural relevance, appealing to patients across a broad range of countries. A new campaign was conceived to encourage patients planning to fast to consult healthcare professionals two to three months in advance of Ramadan in order to ensure safe fasting. A wider range of materials was produced working with a steering group comprising leading physicians from countries with high Muslim populations and a prevalence of diabetes. Content included diabetes-friendly recipes, prayer direction and timing guidance. New engagement assets included a patient information kit, a Ramadan-specific blood sugar tracker, a microsite, mobile phone app and an animated video mini-series as well as infographics and posters. The 2015 campaign was a success, and MSD’s most successful patient education initiative to date.

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