The Alphabet of Illiteracy

Pearson / Weber Shandwick


The Alphabet of Illiteracy campaign, convened and founded by Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, propelled the plight of 758 million people worldwide who cannot read or write to the top of the international political and media agenda. Far from being a developing world problem, illiteracy is rife in the UK and US. It lies behind issues including poverty, radicalisation, FGM, infant mortality and gender inequality, and costs $1.19 trillion worldwide every year. Traditional and digital media coverage reached billions of people globally. Creative use of the alphabet spelled out the problems letter by letter with the help of A-list celebrities and high-ranking politicians. UNESCO now has literacy at the forefront of its sustainable development programme. The campaign has given Project Literacy a fantastic start to achieving its mission - that no child should be born facing the risk of illiteracy.

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