Travelzoo searches for the best travel and entertainment deals to share with its 28m members worldwide. For its London-based PR team responsible for co-ordinating campaigns and communications across the 11 countries where it operates, the challenge is finding a brand narrative that’s not solely about ‘deals’. In 2015, the team embarked on a new strategy called ‘Mad, Sad or Glad’. Research showed Travelzoo members felt proud to be part of a club of savvy travellers. New content was conceived to communicate around all important aspects of travel that resonated with Travelzoo’s core audience. Every message had to create an emotive response - making someone mad, sad or glad. The strategy began with research into what you really pay for when buying an airline ticket, pegged to news of falling oil prices. Subsequent story themes included solo female travel. By positioning the brand as informed and impartial, Travelzoo became a trusted source of travel comment in the wake of terrorist attacks. As a result, Travelzoo’s audience reach year on year increased by over 50%.

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