Vodafone's Anti-Bullying Emojis

Vodafone Group


Tapping into the stories of influencers who had experienced bullying, and feedback from 5,000 teenagers, gave Vodafone the solid foundations needed for their strong campaign. It crossed borders with more than 1,000 online editorial articles appearing in 57 countries, including 20 Vodafone markets. More than 150 million were reached through social and online media, with 80 million interactions with emojis on Snapchat and 865,000 views of YouTubers’ videos. The #BeStrong emoji on Imoji delivered 12.6 million interactions - 300,000 per day. Politicians and celebrities embraced the spirit of the campaign, and 92% of consumers surveyed had a more positive opinion of Vodafone. Janice Richardson, of schoolnet, said: “Having global brands like Vodafone champion the prevention of bullying in such fun and innovative ways makes the anti-bullying message so much more meaningful.”

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