Indy Selvarajah

Chief Creative Officer , Ketchum London

Born on the rock of Gibraltar. Sri Lankan / Malaysian blood. British by design. 

Indy Selvarajah is an award-winning Chief Creative Officer who started his career as an artist showing at The Serpentine Gallery, Tate Modern & Whitney Museum of American Art in NY. 

He then wrote a TV show for Channel 4, produced by Charlie Brooker before moving into Advertising where he wrote the Thierry Henry Sky Sports film which was the most viewed advert in 24hrs in Facebook history with 21 million views. And now in the PR world where he created Fathers Day Taken for Dove Men, a campaign honouring Black men killed by police brutality in the US and The Pain Museum for Bodyform. 

He currently heads up the creative department of thirty people at Ketchum London and also overseas Ketchum global markets.